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  1. Monday, April 21, 2008

    ‘S Wondra-ful, ‘S Marvelous

    My friend Adrianne introduced me to Wondra. It’s a quick-dissolving flour made specifically for thickening gravies & sauces. Granted, I do like using a roux for this purpose, but I’m generally too lazy and just throw flour into my gravy. Wondra is nicer than flour because it really does dissolve quickly. Just make sure if you don’t mix it with water first that you wisk as you add it…or you will still get some lumps. ANYWAY…thanks to Adrianne for this great tip! I used it tonight when I made gravy to go with our roast…the gravy was AWESOME.

    If any of you (including you, Adrianne) are Wondra aficionados, please share any tips or tricks of the trade. I’m still new with this stuff.

    (Don’t forget to post your menu for the week…I’m doing two posts today, so the Weekly Menu is right below!)