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  1. Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Kitchen Tips: It’s like the measuring spoon you never had (but did)

    I am very excited about today’s Kitchen Tip because I just discovered that it is actually true. Woo-hoo! But to get to the tip, you need a little background info. Bear with me, here.

    One day when I was cooking with my grandmother, I couldn’t find a tablespoon. She told me to grab the serving size spoon from her silverware set and assured me that it was in fact the same size as a tablespoon. I did as I was told, but remained skeptical. After all, that serving spoon just seems way too big. She then told me that the soup spoon is the same as a teaspoon. Again, skeptical. Soup spoon? That’s gotta be too big as well, Grandma.

    A few weeks ago, my mother-in-law and I couldn’t find any measuring spoons. I brought out Grandma B’s little-known spoon fact and was met with skepticism, which didn’t surprise me since I myself was still questioning the “fact.” But we went ahead and used the advice for the recipe and it seemed to work.

    Today I decided to put the issue to rest. I compared the amounts from each of the spoons side-by-side and, sure enough, Grandma was RIGHT. I mean, are Grandmas ever wrong? I should never have doubted!

    So here’s the tip: The serving size spoon from your regular old set of silverware is in fact 1 tablespoon. And the soup spoon size (pictured in the middle) is in fact 1 teaspoon! The smallest size spoon from your silverware set (pictured bottom)…that is probably something too, but I ran out of funding for the experiment.

  2. Wednesday, May 7, 2008

    Kitchen Tips: "Coring" Iceberg Lettuce

    As I was getting our hamburgers ready the other night and banging the you-know-what out of my lettuce (you’ll see why in a sec), I thought, this is a good Kitchen Tip. And perhaps you all already know it…but I didn’t know it before I knew it, so figure there’s someone out there who can benefit! 🙂

    This is a simple trick that’s not really very life changing, but it’s handy. Know that core in the center of the iceberg lettuce that you have to dig out and causes you to get lettuce under your I’m sure what are beautifully-manicured fingernails?

    Just bang your iceberg lettuce HARD on the countertop – core side down. Flip it over, and out it pops!